Pedagogic research

Oxford Brookes has a long history of a commitment to institutional and national pedagogic research. This represents an important aspect of the University's research portfolio and is one of the ways in which we at Brookes ensure links between teaching and research and evaluate the impact of our pedagogic developments.

The Oxford Brookes Strategy for Enhancing the Student Experience confirms the University's commitment to the evaluation of pedagogic developments: Making use of our internationally recognised, in-house expertise in educational development, we commit to routinely carrying out impact assessment, review and revision of all significant academic development initiatives and of measures taken forward in the SESE and the consequent Strategy Maps. Impact assessments will be sustained and iterative. They will assess the process as well as the end product of developments. In this way, we will continue to collect, analyse, and where appropriate, publish findings from local, primary educational research data, especially where robust relevant data does not exist elsewhere.

OCSLD Research and Knowledge Transfer Strategy

One of the OCSLD principles and values is “high quality standards based on scholarship, research, reflection and evidence-based practice”. As such, pedagogic research forms a core element of our work. OCSLD staff conduct pedagogic research themselves and champion and co-ordinate work with discipline based staff to evaluate, investigate and improve teaching, learning and assessment in higher education.

The OCSLD Research and Knowledge Transfer Strategy has been developed in response to the amount and quality of research activity currently being undertaken within, and supported by, OCSLD. This strategy reviews OCSLD's current research activity and identifies areas of strength. In setting a direction for future activity, this strategy is informed by the University Strategy 2010-2020 White Paper, consultation with staff at Brookes and drivers nationally.

The OCSLD Research and Knowledge Transfer Strategy co-ordinates three strands of activity:

  1. We argue that OCSLD has the expertise to position Brookes to make a substantial contribution to pedagogic research nationally and internationally. Currently we have a number of small active research groups who are working independently within their specialist fields. The task is to bring these together into core themes and to build capacity around these core themes to enable us to be a position to undertake large scale projects of national importance and enhance the REF submission in 2012. See Research Themes
  2. We make a case for using our research expertise to contribute to improvements to the student experience at Brookes. The White Paper recognises that teaching and learning practices at Brookes must be based on current research. Currently OCSLD has great strengths in conducting both primary investigations of the student experience and knowledge transfer practices and this expertise is drawn on by other universities and sector wide organisations. The task is to put this expertise to good use for Brookes to ensure that our practices here are informed by our own local investigations as well as a wider range of research. See Research Projects
  3. We argue that scholarship of teaching should be a core element of the emerging continuing professional development framework and one of the ways in which Brookes ensures links between teaching and research. Currently OCSLD supports the development of researchers within our own group and nationally. The task is to support the development of pedagogic researchers within Brookes, both as part of their CPD and in order to build sustainable, ongoing capacity for (1) and (2) above.  See Research Support